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The Marketing cluster includes courses and/or programs related to planning, managing, and performing wholesaling and retailing services and related marketing and distribution support services including merchandise/product management and promotion.

Program Courses

Marketing 1 unit
The Marketing course introduces students to the world of marketing. Students will learn about marketing fundamentals, economics, and the Marketing functions of price planning and strategies, promotion, selling, and product distribution. Creativity, problem-solving, research, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills are stressed. A coherent, comprehensive marketing plan will be the cumulative project which will demonstrate skills marketing students learned in the course.
This course is a prerequisite to Sports & Entertainment Management & Social Media Marketing.

Sports & Entertainment Management 1 unit
Students will apply concepts learned in Sports and Entertainment Marketing and study the key concepts in management and managerial principles as related to the sports and entertainment industry. Topics that will be addressed include leadership, finance, product management, people management, information management, legal and ethical issues, customer relations, sales management, change management, and career development.
Prerequisite: Marketing

Social Media Marketing 1 unit
This course introduces students to the current field of social media and prepares them to explore and create successful social media strategies for businesses. This course gives students the knowledge, tools, and methods to use different social media tools in order to educate and connect with customers, promote and sell products and services, and develop new business.
Prerequisite: Marketing


Job Opportunities

Research Analyst
$31.64/hr -- $65,810/yr
Study market conditions to examine sales of product or suervice.

Marketing Manager
$68.03/hr -- $141,490/yr
Plan programs to generate interest in products or services.

Public Relations
$30.20/hr -- $62,810/yr
Create & maintain a favorable public image for an organization.

Sales Manager
$63.60/hr -- $132,290/yr
Direct organizations’ sales teams. Travel & extra hours often required.

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